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Setting up a new Mac

6 minute read

I’ve just got hold of a new Mac laptop to replace my previous one, which has started showing signs of aging. I thought it could be useful for the PhD student...


Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new website–now hosted by github. I decided also to start a blog to help me summarizing regularly what I have been learning. This is the first ...


SSF project approved

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has granted a new project to our group

VR project approved

The Swedish Research Council has approved a new research project in our group



3 papers at ISIT 2021

Members of our group will present three papers at this year IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

To appear in Trans. Inf. Theory

W. Yang, A. Collins, G. Durisi, Y. Polyanskiy, and H. V. Poor, “Beta-beta bounds: Finite-blocklength analog of the golden formula,” IEEE Tran. Inf. Theory, 2...

Paper at ISIT 2018

R. Devassy, G. Durisi, G. C. Ferrante, O. Simeone, and E. Uysal-Biyikoglu, “Delay and peak-age violation probability in short-packet transmission,” in Proc. ...


Invited presentation at PIMRC

Finite-blocklength information theory is an indispensable toolbox for the design of short-packet communication systems. In an invited presentation at this ye...



2024-Q1: team updates

4 papers (URLLC, implementation of distributed MIMO, privacy), updated monograph, master program, vacancies

2023-Q3: team updates

3 papers (massive random access, age of information, energy harvesting), monograph on information-theoretic generalization bounds in ML, 2 new team members

2023-Q2: team updates

1 paper (quantized massive MIMO), 1 new team member, invited talk at LSIT

2023-Q1: team updates

6 papers (URLLC, massive random access, age of information), PhD defense, 1 new team member, vacancies, invited talk



Invited talk at LSIT 2023

Invited talk on short packets over massive random-access channels at the 2023 London Symposium on Information Theory




Vacancies in my team

I am looking for a PhD student and a Post-doctoral researcher to join my team