WASP expedition project approved

image-left Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program” (WASP)— Sweden’s largest individual research program ever— is a program aimed at performing excellent research in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and software. Our team has been granted a WASP expedition project entitled “Secure, Private, and Low-Latency Cloud Connectivity for IoT Applications”.

The WASP expedition project program is modeled on NSF’s Expeditions in Computing and targets high gain/ high risk targeted expeditions with a specific challenging goal.

Our expedition project, which will be performed jointly by my team and by the team of Prof. Aikaterini Mitrokotsa at the Computer Science Department (Chalmers), aims at designing secure, privacy-preserving, and low-latency wireless connectivity solutions for cloud computing. We will target a multi-client scenario where a large number of sporadically active, resource-limited devices communicate to a powerful but untrusted cloud server. The design will rely on tools from nonasymptotic information theory, statistics, signal processing, cryptography, and differential privacy.

Two Postdoctoral researchers will be recruited within the project. The vacancy will be announced shortly