Research Team

Post-doctoral researchers

  • Dr. Khac-Hoang Ngo (October 2020-present): Massive random access, security and privacy, age of information

  • Dr. Deekshith Pathayappilly Krishnan (May 2023-present): Massive random access, statistical learning theory

Ph.D. students

  • Kaan Okumus (Oct. 2023-present): Goal oriented communication [main supervisor: Erik Ström]

  • Alireza Bordbar (Sep. 2023-present): Machine-learning for communication systems

  • Jayadev Naram (Jan. 2023-present): Information-theoretic generalization bounds

  • Selma Tabakovic (August 2020-present): Mathematics of deep learning [main supervisor: Rebecka Jörnsten]

  • Lise Aabel (March 2020-preseent): Distributed massive MIMO

  • Oguz Kislal (September 2019-present): Ultra-reliable low-latency communications [main supervisor: Prof. Erik Ström]

  • Yasaman Ettefagh (October 2017-present): Multiantenna wireless architectures

Former Ph.D. students

  • Fredrik Hellström (Chalmers 2023): Information theoretic generalization bounds: tightness and expressiveness, Gothenburg, Sweden [PhD thesis]

  • Johan Östman (Chalmers 2020): Ultra-reliable short-packet communication, now with AI Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden [PhD thesis]

  • Sven Jacobsson (Chalmers, 2019): Massive multiantenna communications with low-resolution converters, now with Ericsson Research, Gothenburg, Sweden [PhD thesis]

  • Rahul Devassy (Chalmers, 2019): Delay and throughput bounds for the design of next-generation wireless systems, now with Ericsson Research, Gothenburg, Sweden [PhD thesis]

  • Kamran Keykhosravi (Chalmers, 2019): Capacity analysis and receiver design in the presence of fiber nonlinearity, now with QAMCOM, Gothenburg, Sweden [PhD thesis]

  • Wei Yang (Chalmers, 2015), now with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA USA [PhD thesis]

  • Patrick Kuppinger (ETH Zurich, 2011, co-supervised with Prof. Helmut Bölcskei), now with Bank Vontobel, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Veniamin I. Morgenshtern (ETH Zurich, 2010, co-supervised with Prof. Helmut Bölcskei), now with Citadel

  • Ulrich Schuster (ETH Zurich, 2009, co-supervised with Prof. Helmut Bölcskei), now with CompuGroup Medical Software GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Former Post-doctoral students

  • Dr. Arezou Rezazadeh (October 2019-March 2022), now with KTH

  • Dr. Alejandro Lancho (October 2019-September 2021), now with MIT

  • Dr. Guido Carlo Ferrante (October 2017-October 2018), now with Ericsson Research, Sweden