2023-Q2: team updates


During this quarter, the following paper from my team has been accepted for publication:

  • Y. Ettefagh, S. R. Aghdam, G. Durisi, S. Jacobsson, M. Coldrey, and C. Studer, “Performance of quantized massive MIMO with fronthaul rate constraint over quasi-static channels,” IEEE ACCESS, vol. 11, 2023.

Team members

Deekshith P. K. has joined our team as postdoctoral researcher. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He will work mainly on information theoretic limits and coding schemes for massive random access.


I’ve given a keynote talk at the massive random access session of the London Symposium on Information Theory

If you are interested in this talk, I recorded one of my dry runs. The slides I presented in the video contain a couple of typos (can you spot them?) An updated version of the slides is available here and the simulation code that we used to produce most of the results is on github.